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Questionyou're sucks & 'ill burn in hell.i read some of your posts here and i loled. really who the fuck are you? just a piece of shit another dumbass porn slut. you dont have any fuckin difference from streetwalkers if i give you money, you will show your ugly ass for me too. you are fucking trash and feel like hollywood actress that who won oscars. its funny, you little redneck asshole. just gtfo here and buy a lot of book with your dirty money, learn something real about this world and die in peace Answer

Goddamn it! I can’t even give a witty response to this. It’s too dumb to argue with I’d feel like I was slapping a two year old. Try to sound older and more intelligent next time and we’ll have a tumblr war  

  1. mabig244 said: Hey shit for brains you are obviously either obsessed with her or she rejected you scrotum looking face to get the fuck on! Leave Jodi alone ya douche!
  2. oriolefan79 said: Jodi, no one should have to be exposed to that vile rant. Some people are trolls and hide behind the anonymity of the Internet. People should worry about their own lives and not others.
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